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About Us



I was looking for a play table for my kids, but the tables that were available were all monstrosities that would occupy our valuable living space.

I wanted a table that could be stowed away when not in use – making room for floor games, puzzles, kicking a ball around, and sleepovers. However, there wasn’t one available.

I designed one for my kids and it was a hit!

For almost two decades, aside from our beds, no other piece of furniture in the house got as much use as that first StowAway.



I’ve always had a love of board games, table-top role play games, and puzzles.

While in a game shop one day, I bounced the StowAway table concept off the shop owner. He was enthusiastic and encouraging.

One of his customers within earshot exclaimed, “This table would be perfect in my apartment!” 

I guess his roommate (not a gamer) didn’t appreciate their dining room table covered with books, maps, and dice.

So, I thought, “Maybe others would enjoy StowAway, too.” I also then decided to redesign it for gamers and puzzlers.



StowAway™ is a fun and practical gaming table on its own. However, there are SO MANY possibilities for new adventures and fun – and that’s always been part of the plan.

Stay tuned for an assortment of StowAway Gaming Table accessories.

My notebooks are full of ideas, and prototypes for new products are in the works!

StowAway's Two Priorities:

This page is labeled “About Us” and not “About Me” because I haven’t done this alone. I’ve been helped by many on my road to create StowAway Solutions, and I’ll be forever grateful to each and every one of these people.

Thank you for your interest in StowAway!

StowAway Solutions - Bob

- Bob