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Bob didn’t progress this far without the help of others, and he is also compelled to help to others.

Although global literacy has been on a steady rise since 1975, 130 million Americans read below sixth-grade level.

This is a problem, it’s hurting our country, and it’s holding people back from socio-economic progress.

As we know, many board games and tabletop role playing games involve a firm grasp of reading. “Non-readers” don’t get to join us in the fun of gaming, and I would like to help share our enjoyment with them as much as I possibly can.

826 National is a network of youth writing and publishing centers that fosters creativity and literacy in young people.

826 National has a 4-star/93% rating on Charity Navigator.

Effective upon launch, StowAway will donate a portion of revenue from each table sale to our local chapter: 826/Boston.

– Bob, StowAway Solutions, LLC